Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Hail Damage Repair

Part of what Got HAIL- PDR excels at is making sure that you understand every step of the process and that each of your questions/concerns is answered. Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions about auto hail loss repair, car dent removal, paintless dent removal- PDR, vehicle hail damage repair, submitting hail damage insurance questions, commercial vehicle hail damage claims, and much more.


Hail Damage Repair Denver

100% NO It was not your fault ice fell from the sky and damaged your car and your insurance knows this. Its classified as a no fault claim. 

Most insurance companies allow up to twelve months to file a claim on hail. Speak with your agent to determine how long you have. 

We use several options depending on the level of damage and what is best to restoring full value and safety to your vehicle.

  • Paintless dent removal
  • Panel replacement
  • Body work
  • Paint

We negotiate the repair price with your insurance company. In most cases when you pick up your vehicle you will pay 0. If you have a high deductible, we will negotiate final payment before your repair starts.

This all depends on your insurance. The repair itself can be as quick as 48 hours, if no paint is required. Insurance adjusters can take 3-12 days (and in some cases longer) to come out and inspect the vehicle at the shop.

In most cases we provide and pay for your rental car while we fix your vehicle so you have little interruption to your life.

Reason People Do Not Get Their Car Repaired After Hail Damage

  1. The Deductible – Most people don’t have $250-$1000 lying around to pay their deductible to fix their car.
    SOLUTION: We have a $0 deductible policy (certain restrictions apply).
  2. No Rental Car Coverage.
    SOLUTION:  In most cases we will cover that at NO COST to you. This may depend on your deductable. 
  3. Insurance Premiums. Most people are afraid their insurance premium will go up.
    SOLUTION: Hail damage is considered an Act of Nature. Therefore it WILL NOT raise your premiums. Just ask your agent.
  4. Procrastination. With everyone’s busy schedule, where do you find the time to get this done?
    SOLUTION: We take care of everything for you. From the start of the claim to delivering your repaired vehicle. We got you covered.
  5. Take the Cash and Drive a Dent-Mobile. By not fixing your car, the value depreciates by 30% – 60% depending on the severity of the hail damage. If it gets hailed on again and you did not fix it the first time, your insurance may deny your claim or charge you for 2 deductibles. And, more than likely, you’ll always get solicited by every dent company wanting to fix your car.
    SOLUTION: Let us fix it for you.
  6. “The First Check”. They think the initial check issued to them is the actual cost of repairs. Insurance companies do not always utilize the proper tools & lighting to properly estimate the vehicle and almost always pay you less then the actual cost of repairs.
    SOLUTION: We will properly estimate the vehicle and submit a supplement if needed to ensure you get a proper repair