How Our Hail & Wind Damage Process Works

If your vehicle ever sustains hail or wind damage, our team is here to help you and your vehicle get out on the road each step of the way!

We want your repair with GotHail.CO to be easy and want you to know that we will be with you every step of the way. From making a claim, to inspecting and repairing your car, we promise to be there as well as keep you informed throughout the entire dent removal and repair process.

Our Process

Vehicle Hail Damage Repair


Balls of ice fall from the sky and you watch as hail smacks your car over and over. It may break your windshield. DO NOT try to cover your vehicle while hail is falling, its dangerous. If you are driving, pull over off the road and put on your emergency lights.

Auto Hail Damage Repair Denver CO


After the storm has passed, inspect your vehicle. If it has sustained damage, give us a call right away. We also provide emergency windshield service and towing if needed. GotHail.CO will walk you through from start to finish. When a hail storm strikes we provide 24 hour care in case of emergencies. We provide FREE rental cars and deductible assistance to our customers. We assign you a claims manager that will be your personal contact throughout the process. You will find us responsive, knowledgeable and with sincere empathy.

Paintless Dent Repair Denver Colorado


· We hand wash your car when you drop it off
· We drive your vehicle into our specialized estimating room
· We scan your vehicles computer safety systems
· We do a full estimate and send it to your insurance company
· When your insurance company comes to our shop, they are provided with a comprehensive and fair estimate, a certified and trained advisor, Wi-Fi access, a work station and bottled water
· Upon approval by both us and your insurance company, we move your vehicle to the repair bay
· It takes 1-3 days for PDR and if paint is required it can take a few more days to complete
· When the repair is done we scan your vehicles safety systems again (like air bags etc.)
· We clean your car inside and out.
· We do three levels of quality control, and we call and schedule you to come in and pick up your vehicle.

Denver Auto Hail Repair Finished Work


When you have inspected the repair and are extremely happy with our company:
- We will provide you a written warranty
- We will provide you a hail guarantee
- We ask you to sign the insurance check so we can get paid (only sign it when your happy)
- We will ask for referrals
- We will ask you to share your experience with others

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